Alien Shooter

The perpetual obscurity and the serious, long sections of a military complex have turned into the dwelling place insidious, as incalculable savage animals fill its workplaces, storage facilities, and secretive laboratories. Your mission is basic: clear the base no matter what. You will be given explosives to enable you to access the transports from where a huge number of hardhnearted animals pour. A stationary weapon will help in the guard of the zone. You have been conceded access to the most progressive weapons tech cash can purchase. As you gain your compensation, you can furnish yourself with extra weapons in the equipping territory and biomechanical inserts that will make your battling capacities superhuman.

Outsider Shooter: Vengeance’s ongoing interaction contains numerous upgrades over its ancestor Alien Shooter. Players presently have a choice of eight characters to browse, each character’s details and beginning hardware being not quite the same as each other. These details influence, for instance, the kind of weapons the player may utilize and as to how powerful they may be, or the greatest number of hit focuses a player can have. Players can win experience focuses on murdering adversaries and finishing targets. In the wake of winning enough experience focuses, the player picks up another dimension and is permitted to build their stats.Soft7star

Things might be purchased from shop terminals dispersed all through the dimensions. Players can visit these stations to buy weapons, inserts (which act to build a player’s details, however, are not changeless and can be evacuated), defensive layer, ammo, and incidental things, for example, spotlights or medkits, with cash found in the dimensions or earned from finishing goals. A few things and weapons require certain status levels to utilize it. For instance, to utilize progressively deadly weapons, players must meet the weapon’s base aptitude necessity in its separate expertise so as to utilize it.


  • Multiplayer mode: 1 versus 1, 1 versus 3
  • High quality pictures improved for tablets and huge screens.
  • Ability to utilize dynamic aptitudes during the space fights.
  • The game is pressed with 120+ dimensions on different troubles.
  • Beautiful dimensions with vivid missions to finish.
  • Multiple extraordinary supervisor fights.
  • Upgrade your weapons and lasers.

Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10)


June 12, 2003


55 MB


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Alien Shooter
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