American Truck Simulator 2018 Apk Full Download

By | November 6, 2018

American Truck Simulator is a 2016 company and vehicle simulation game produced by the Czech company SCS Software plus is the same video game series to Euro Truck Simulator 2. It did original announced as being in progress in September 2013 and revealed at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2015. This game was published on 2 February 2016.

American Truck Simulator
American truck simulator mods equals a truck driving simulator by business administration details. In the game, players race trucks plus deliver trailer-moved assets to a selected place to be rewarded with money and participation points. The payload must be presented to the site rapidly within a given quantity of time, and with the limited amount of injury to the goods as probable, to the net, the maximum money and knowledge points potential.

American Truck Simulator
In-game currency, later being acquired, can be used to obtain more trucks and associated aesthetic, production, and architectural grades, buying fuel and adjustments for those vehicles, take out and return loans from a bank, as high as hire drivers and getting parking to the house and base them in. The value of money and knowledge points earned is just on the length of the performance in the league traveled as well as the variety of assets being brought.

American Truck SimulatorWhen delivering commodities, players can use their personally-purchased vehicle or use one presented by an in-game company. When providing goods using a fleet-provided truck, rehabilitation and different costs are paid for by the firm rather than out of the player’s in-game fund equipment. Knowledge points can be collected and used to purchase perks, which increase the player’s driving technique and what kinds of payloads they can carry, such as substances and ammunition, which net a bigger reward when finished

In-room to driving and delivering assets, the player can also manage a trucking firm with hired operators and owned businesses. Hired drivers will perform controls on their own, getting the player money. The spread the drivers are exercised, the more experienced they will mature, thus raising the amount of money they collect from each control. The player can train all driver to focus on a particular section of their driving that can be developed in American truck simulator 2018, the game highlights weigh stations, where players need stop at a designated weight station to determine the weight of the cargo before proceeding through.

American Truck Simulator


  • Developer: SCS Software
  • Publisher: SCS Software
  • Series: Truck Simulator
  • Platform: Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux
  • Release: 2 February 2016
  • Genre: Vehicle simulation
  • Mode: Single+player


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American Truck Simulator 2018 Apk Full Download
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